Regulatory Compliance
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Selling and operating globally presents your company with unprecedented opportunities
for growth, but such rewards are not without substantial risk. Shifting government statutes,
rising tendencies towards litigation and a seemingly unending string of new product releases
are converging to dramatically increase your exposure to potentially damaging legal action
or negative publicity. With your firm’s reputation at stake and the potential
for substantial financial settlements, you cannot afford to overlook documentation errors
or other minute linguistic details.

By working with L10N Technology (LT) you can minimize this exposure. Our work begins
by reviewing your existing instructions, labels and other documentation relative
to your various regulatory requirements. From this analysis, we design a custom solution
drawing on our wide range of support services including

Technical Writing
Terminology Management

LT has more than 2,000 professionals in 24 countries supplemented by 10,000 qualified linguists.
This extensive network of language professionals connected via our proprietary technology,
including the translation portal Elcano™, makes us the partner of choice
for all your multilingual needs.